I must sound like a broken record at this point – if you’ve seen any of my other previews of upcoming indie games – but I am truly blown away by the talent displayed by so many small, passionate development teams.

Dawn of the Tyrant is one of those games; it’s an upcoming PC RPG with some elaborate, absolutely astonishing character design. Not only are the visuals incredibly impressive – all the more so, considering that it’s made by a small team of developers – but the mechanics seem to be genuinely interesting too, thanks to the inclusion of the World Quests system.

According to the game’s creators: “When players and their factions participate in World Quests, they will be writing the future. The story of each chapter in the series will be curated based on the outcome of these massive shared objectives.”

It’s an incredibly intriguing way of giving players a sense of agency in the dark, fantasy world that the game is set in; the overall story of an RPG can often feel outside of the control of players, being somewhat fixed in nature, even though side quests can distract from this feeling of the main quest being virtually linear – but the creators of Dawn of the Tyrant seem to have tackled this issue with aplomb.

With its lavishly designed aesthetic, deep lore and unique features, Dawn of the Tyrant is shaping up. Please check out the game’s website to see for yourself just how good the game looks and sounds; as soon as I’ve had a chance to test out the Early Access version for myself, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts.

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