Do you remember Sensible World of Soccer? Surely gamers of a certain age – definitely UK-based gamers of a certain age – all remember it.

Even if we didn’t own a computer, we knew someone who did – and countless hours were spent playing Sensible World of Soccer (or SWOS, as it is also known), which was an absolute cultural phenomenon and continues to be fondly remembered to this day.

Though hardly a true, realistic representation of actual football (or soccer, to my US-based readers), SWOS always reminded me of pinball, which was certainly no bad thing. The tiny players in Sensible Soccer, viewed from above, are unquestionably iconic – and it was in SWOS that the series really peaked, with the management aspects being especially well represented in the career mode. It was fast paced, addictive and absolutely fantastic.

UK-based team Horizon Retro are currently seeking funding via Kickstarter to bring SWOS to Android, with further stretch goals listed for porting the game to other platforms, such as Steam, PS4, iOS and Switch (subject to license permissions).

There’s a demo build available via the game’s Kickstarter page so you can try the SWOS port out for yourself; pledge levels even include options to be a named player in the game (great for the narcissists amongst you!).

Should the SWOS campaign be successful, Horizon Retro plan to bring even more retro titles to Android, including Cannon Fodder. Their long term goal is to create a dedicated retro console, with thousands of fully licensed retro titles available to purchase.

If that sounds like something you’d like to see and help come to fruition, go check out the SWOS Kickstarter page here.

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  1. Absolute classic along with Kickoff 2 😂.

    I remember I spent a lot of time with a kind of ‘bonus version’ of sensible soccer that I got off the front of a magazine cover.

    It replaced the players with Cannon Fodder 2 inspired soldiers and the ball with a grenade, which would explode occasionally causing carnage 😂.

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  2. Absolute classic of a game, one of the very few football games I gave my time to. Really come alive during multi player I think. Am curious to see this port in action and will pop over the the kickstarter page and have a look see 👍😎

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