As has been the case for several months now, I’ve been writing daily – so there’s a good chance you may have missed an article or two this week.

I mean, I can barely keep up with this schedule myself – so I can certainly forgive my readers for not being able to catch everything I’m posting. In any case, here’s what I covered this week – enjoy!

Biolab Wars

Cheap, cheerful and awesome NES tribute game Biolab Wars snuck up on me with its brief but incredibly fun run and gun action. Though not exactly the most challenging game in the world – and despite a few issues with the overall design – it’s a Switch title I’d highly recommend. Really good stuff and a very pleasant surprise.

More Nintendo Life Reviews

I shared my Skybolt Zack review – featured on Nintendo Life – and said another sincere thank you to everyone who’s supported me and offered encouragement on my writing journey. Since then, I’ve had a further review published via Nintendo Life – and I’m looking forward to collaborating with them on further articles.

Paradigm Shift

In a previous life, I was very briefly given a comic book review column. Much as I try to do now with this very site (mostly for video games), I took the opportunity to shine a light on indie creators. One of those creators was Dirk Tiede, writer and artist of werewolf/police thriller indie Paradigm Shift. It just so happens that Paradigm Shift is seeking funds on Kickstarter for some lovely new editions – and is doing very well indeed. Please do go check it out – it’s great to support indie creators, especially when they’re as talented and passionate as Dirk clearly is.


Another Switch indie that (ahem) blindsided me, Blindy is a hardcore platformer in the vein of games such as Super Meat Boy, albeit with a twist: the protagonist is blind, so you can only see the scenery that immediately surrounds him. Though this sounds ridiculously unfair, in practice it’s an addictive and challenging experience with some really neat touches. Another highly recommended little title.

Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games

A change of pace for me here with a book review, albeit one that covers video games. The ZX Spectrum holds a special place in the hearts of many a middle-aged video games fan and in this book, Paul Davies covers some well known, well loved and also some lesser known Speccy games with an infectious passion, a witty style and a great sense of place with lots of historical context. Clearly a labour of love for the author, Florin’s ZX Spectrum Haul of Games is a fascinating glimpse into gaming’s past.

Killer Chambers

Another day, another great indie game – this time on PC. Wonderful, challenging pixel art game Killer Chambers is well written, has a tight focus on a couple of key mechanics and is an absolute gem – albeit a very tough one. Almost rhythmic in its challenge, this is an excellent – and little known, unfortunately – PC title that is well worth your time.

So what’s next for the blog? Perhaps I’ll have more Nintendo Life articles to share or even another dip into the sadly neglected (this week at least) Bargain Bin. One thing’s for sure: by this time next week, you’ll have a whole lot more to read – have a great weekend everyone!

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