I’ve covered the Transformers TCG (Trading Card Game) a few times before; reviewing the base game and taking a look at some of the excellent expansions, for example – so when I was given some details on the newest wave of cards, I was incredibly excited to share the details.

One of the things I’ve been consistently impressed with in my time playing the Transformers TCG is the way that Wizards of the Coast always show a deep understanding of – and passion for – the lore of Transformers. This leads to the integration of so many cool, unique features to the game – Combiners, Triple Changers, Titans and Battle Masters being some fantastic examples of the universe that have been intelligently – and, importantly, thematically – applied to the game.

So it comes as no surprise that with the newest wave – Titan Masters Attack – Wizards of the Coast seem to have excelled themselves once more. Not only are we going to see the introduction of fan favourite Autobot special-forces team The Wreckers, but additionally – and perhaps most excitingly – we will also see the introduction of Titan Master characters (as you’d probably expect, given the Wave’s title). Titan Master character cards have two parts – a head and a body – which can be mixed and matched at will. When the body is KO’d, the head deploys as a separate character entirely.

Of the 46 characters included in the wave, 43 are entirely new to the game, which is really exciting; I can’t wait to see who – beyond The Wreckers – has made the cut this time.

There’s also a final non-character card type that’s new to the game in Titan Masters Attack; Stratagem cards. These are cards which will mostly be used by a specific character, will cost stars (so you’ll need to factor that in when building your deck) and will modify characters in interesting, sometimes unusual ways.

I’ve perhaps saved the best addition for last though. Given how excited I always am for new characters – and how much I adore the Titans, Metroplex and Trypticon – it’s perhaps no surprise at all that I’m thrilled at the news that Fortress Maximus will be included in the set! Much like Trypticon was included in every Siege II booster display box, Fortress Maximus (plus his head character, Cerebros – and Cerebros’ head character, Emissary) will be included in every Titan Masters Attack box. Though buying a box of thirty booster packs isn’t going to be within the price range of all players, it’s definitely a great incentive to buy packs in bulk if you can – and a smart move on the part of Wizards of the Coast to boost (no pun intended) sales of the new wave.

Further news will follow as we approach the launch date – Transformers TCG: Titan Masters Attack launches on April 17th 2020.

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