It’s been a big week for Game Pass, with Yakuza 0, Kingdom Hearts III and Two Point Hospital all released on the service. However, I’ve had limited gaming time and – if you’ve been reading my reviews regularly, you’ll know this already – my attention has still been mostly fixed on Jurassic World: Evolution, specifically the DLC campaigns that I’m now sinking my teeth into, one at a time. So, with all three of those aforementioned titles being ones that need a bit more of a time investment, I’ve instead been checking out smaller or more familiar games instead…

Overcooked 2

I felt a bit thrown in at the deep end when starting Overcooked 2 – a bit like going from making beans on toast in my kitchen to suddenly having to deal with cooking in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen. However, once I started understanding exactly what was going on and how to deal with it, Overcooked 2 became a huge amount of fun. Very moreish too, somewhat appropriately!

Forza Horizon 4

I finally took the trip out of Lego Valley and back to Great Britain, for a race against The Flying Scotsman (yes, the train!). An absolutely thrilling contest; incredibly tough but very rewarding indeed – it took quite a few attempts, but I did it! I’ve still barely scratched the surface of Forza Horizon 4; it’s truly incredible how packed it is with stuff to do. One of the first games I played when I picked up my Xbox One X – and still one of my favourites. An absolutely phenomenal game.

Death Squared

A cute, sometimes infuriating little puzzler in which you control multiple cubes at the same time, working through spatial puzzles as you try to get them to their destination. It’s a little bit Portal-esque in terms of the setting and somewhat sarcastic voiceover – well worth a look, especially in the hilariously chaotic multiplayer mode.

Halo 2

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally moved on to Halo 2 after playing through the entirety of Halo towards the end of last year. Though that wasn’t an entirely satisfactory experience, Halo 2 is an improvement – the remade cinematics look absolutely incredible, for one thing – but problems still persist with level design and some issues with the narrative. The Arbiter levels so far are a bit of a mess too, mostly because your companions and your enemies – with each being a faction of the Covenant – are so difficult to tell apart. There’s no denying how spectacular it looks in 4K though; it’s incredibly smooth and some of the environments are very impressive indeed. It’s certainly aged better than the first game in many respects. Nonetheless, I’ll work my way through the campaign and will look to review the full campaign once I’ve done so, as I did with the first game.

So there we are; it feels like there’s an overwhelming number of games to choose from on Game Pass right now, with a huge number of excellent titles that it’s hard to find the time to play – but it’s great to have access to so much at such a reasonable price. Hopefully, we’ll continue to see this high standard of value and choice provided in the next generation too.

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