Version Played: Xbox One

I fell in love with Pikuniku as soon as I saw the wonderfully colourful, stylised visuals and bouncy animation. Thankfully, there’s a lot more to Pikuniku than meets the eye.


Awaking in a cave and emerging to find yourself in a place where your little red character is feared as ‘The Beast’, Pikuniku sees you escaping captivity and uncovering a sinister capitalist’s attempts to exploit the resources of the world and the well meaning, sweetly innocent inhabitants of the game.


There’s a massive variety in the tasks you’ll undertake over the course of the game and it plays beautifully; the script is engaging, witty and surprising, with some gentle commentary on consumerism and capitalism. The soundtrack is superb and just as quirkily stylised and appealing as the visuals.

There’s also some very challenging platforming – especially towards the end of the main story. A number of the bosses are pretty tough to beat, but they don’t feel unfair or cheap (perhaps with the exception of the very last boss in the game, who caused me a few headaches) – and I appreciated the fact that you can continue playing even after the credits, with some subtle changes to the game’s world following the conclusion of the main story.


Not only is there a satisfying, funny and challenging single player game to work your way through, but there’s also a great variety of hilariously chaotic multiplayer minigames to play too.


It’s a great little package; a challenging platforming adventure that’s full of charm and wit, that amuses throughout the consistently quirky and entertaining story – and beyond.

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