It’s been a while since I’ve done a round up of articles, but I’ve covered quite a bit of ground this week and even managed to finish off the original Gears of War trilogy too. Thanks COVID-19!

Alien Day

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Last Sunday was Alien Day, it being the date which matches the number designed to the planet under threat in 1986 Alien sequel, Aliens (at least when using the US date format in any case). So I used that as an excuse to cover my favourite Alien games over the years, with some great memories from the last thirty years or so (yep, I’m old!).

Review: Glass Masquerade

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A look at puzzle game Glass Masquerade, which I found a little underwhelming. It’s reasonably chilled out and stress-free, but feels too much like trial and error to be particularly satisfying.

Mobile Game Review: Green

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Next up, I took a look at them wonderfully inventive and incredibly satisfying mobile puzzle game, Green. Part of Bart Bonte’s ‘color’ puzzle game series, Green presents players with abstract, single screen puzzles that have incredibly clever solutions. It only occasionally becomes frustrating, thankfully, instead being a joy to play through for the majority of its numerous challenges.

Preview: Pope Simulator

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Another oddball simulator from the publisher that brought you, er, Wanking Simulator, Pope Simulator looks to at least have some decent ideas behind the controversial premise. Far too early in development to tell how this one will go, let alone even what it’ll play like from a mechanical point of view, this is nonetheless a title I’m intrigued by.

Mobile Game Review: Fighting Fantasy Classics

Cover art

Having grown up devouring every Fighting Fantasy gamebook I could get my hands on, it’s incredible that u can now have an entire collection of those books in my pocket, with bookmarks and even difficulty levels to help or hinder as desired. Fighting Fantasy Classics doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but does add some quality of life refinements to the original texts – fans of the original books will find a lot to like here.

Review: Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 Screenshot The team

Concluding the trilogy, Gears of War 3 is by far the best game of the three from both a gameplay and narrative perspective. Though it still has the same issues with unintentionally funny dudebro action and more clichés than you can shake a stick at, the action is so much more colourful and varied that it’s a thrilling play through. One big emotional moment is telegraphed too soon and the climax underwhelms in some respects, but it’s still a decent enough game and the campaign feels like it’s just the right length for once.

TV Review: The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian (2019)

Who’d have thought a Star Wars live action TV series would be one of the most consistently entertaining and exciting pieces of Star Wars lore for years? Yet space western The Mandalorian manages exactly that, with an exciting and endearing tale of a badass bounty hunter who takes care of a target in entirely the wrong way…

So there we have it. Another week in lockdown and another varied set of articles to read. More to come this week, of course – I hope you’ll come back and check out my new articles too!

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