It’s been a while since I last wrote an article covering the games that I’ve been playing on Game Pass, but there seems to have been an awful lot of conversation on social media recently about the Xbox One’s biggest selling points – and almost everyone in the discussion agreed that Game Pass has been an absolutely incredible service that’s pretty much peerless at this stage.

So what games have I been checking out on Game Pass recently? Let’s take a look!

Minecraft Dungeons

Confession time: I’ve never played a Diablo game. Though I have checked out numerous ARPGs along similar lines, I’ve never actually tried out the most influential and popular of them all. So I can only judge Minecraft Dungeons against other, non-Diablo ARPGs – and it’s actually really fun. Simple to pick up and play, it still offers quite a challenge and there’s a decent selection of loot and items to experiment with equipping. The game has a very colourful and appealing look, thanks to it taking place in Minecraft’s blocky, voxel-based environments – and it has a great deal of simple charm too (seeing the personality displayed by the living kettsy, for example, is a treat). Well worth trying.

Forza Horizon 4

Have I ever written one of these articles and not mentioned Forza Horizon 4? Perhaps, but there’s a reason I keep coming back to this game – it’s huge, it’s massively varied and it can be extremely chilled out if you’re not fussed about entering any of the hundreds of races across the vast map. There’s an unparalleled sense of freedom to play through Forza however you feel like at any given moment, with a vast open world to discover and play around in. It’s an astonishingly good game that continues to evolve, with new features and challenges constantly added. Coming from someone who has zero interest in cars or racing games, I believe that’s quite the recommendation.

Cities: Skylines

In preparation for my recent review of Cities: Skylines – The Board Game, I thought I’d take a fresh look at the console version. I last played Cities: Skylines on PC a good few years ago, so it was nice to reacquaint myself with the simple, compelling charm of the base game (sans any of the frankly intimidating range of available DLC). The controls have been nicely mapped to a controller, though of course can never quite match up to the simplicity and convenience of using a mouse – but it was just as engaging an experience as I remember it being on the PC.

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game

Based on Fantasy Flight’s tabletop card game (which has a ridiculous volume of available expansions – just as intimidating as the extra content for Cities: Skylines, albeit in physical form), The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game is a relatively straightforward romp through familiar locations in Tolkien’s universe, with a strong narrative feel. Though the story telling aspects don’t translate quite so well from the tabletop to the digital realm, the video game version has some fantastic voice acting and a wonderful soundtrack. It feels a little abstract at times, but the strength of the original design does shine through.

Though I’ve played quite a few non-Game Pass games in the last few weeks, those are the titles I’ve had a chance to play on the service recently. There’s plenty more I just haven’t had a chance to check out yet of course – but I’m sure that I’ll be able to look at new titles soon enough.

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