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Well, this feels like quite a milestone. Since starting the blog in 2019, I’ve been able to maintain a daily schedule of posting at least one article a day – and today’s article is my 600th. I’ve written for other sites too, even while maintaining my daily schedule – you can find my work on websites such as Jumpcut Play, Nintendad and even Nintendo Life. My work has also appeared in print (thanks to Andrew at Pixel Bison) and I’ve even briefly joined other members in the gaming scene to reminisce about games in the 32-bit era (talking about Bubsy 3D, of all things!).

I’ve not only written about video games here either, though that was my intention when I first created the blog as an outlet for my writing work when I was unable to find another home for my articles. I’ve written about films, music, comic books and board games and much more. I’ve worked with numerous creators and publishers to write reviews on a vast array of different video games, board games, comic books and even – somewhat bizarrely – technology products, which has been an interesting diversion that I couldn’t have anticipated.

The work that I’m most proud of producing, however, are my interviews with two highly regarded and high profile composers, Ilan Eshkeri and Bobby Tahouri. I should hopefully have more articles of this nature on the way soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to have the confidence to write and share my work with the world – every notification that someone’s liked an article and every comment I receive really helps me to push forward, giving me the drive and confidence to continue doing what I’m doing. I really do appreciate everyone who’s taken the time to read what I write here – and I hope to be able to continue writing for a long time to come. Despite the weird and difficult year that 2020 became, I’m proud to have been able to keep my writing going and hope that I’ve provided you with some entertaining articles along the way. Here’s to 2021 and the next milestone!

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