I’ve been on a bit of a roll with my comic book reading recently – and that looks set to continue thanks to the discovery of Comichaus – a more indie-focused comic app than Comixology (which seems to shine quite a large spotlight on mainstream titles and publishers, often to the detriment of almost everything else). Comichaus grants access to hundreds of comics for a very reasonable monthly fee, as well as providing a community in which comics can be bought and sold. Though perhaps lacking in terms of overall selection and features in comparison to Amazon-owned industry behemoth Comixology, for a smaller scale app to provide so much content from such a wealth of interesting indie publishers is pretty impressive.

It was difficult to know where to start with so much available, but one comic caught my eye almost instantly. That comic was The Adventures of Pup & Grumpicorn (published by Happy Clam), a family friendly comic about the crazy, donut-filled exploits of a dog and his slightly surly unicorn companion.

There’s five short stories within the comic, taking our heroes through fantasy worlds, to the Wild West, into the wrestling ring and even into Grumpicorn’s own body to get rid of a malignant infection. It’s never explained how they find themselves in such diverse worlds and situations, though it’s cheekily brought up that they’ll talk about it once they get themselves out of their tight spot in the wrestling ring. Guess what? It doesn’t matter. The strips are full of neat little pop culture references, gently amusing humour and oh so many tasty looking donuts, with no time wasted on pointless exposition that’d only slow down the pace of each story.

Image result for pup grumpicorn happy clam

That’s not all though: there’s a neat little activity section included too, with a maze, a wordsearch, a spot the difference puzzle and a colouring page – along with a little tutorial that demonstrates how to draw our two animal protagonists.

Overall, it’s a real delight. Charming, funny and wholesome (maybe aside from the goblin butt), with some absolutely beautiful, wonderfully colourful art that looks as if it’d be right at home in an animated format. Creators Emily Owen & Gavin Mitchell have crafted a lovely little comic and I’d jump at the chance to read more strips featuring the two quadruped friends.

Thanks to Comichaus for providing me with a subscription to try out their service and cover comics from their brilliantly diverse selection. You can try their service for free – with a 14-day trial – on iOS, Android or Amazon devices (click where appropriate for your device).

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