Bethesda Xbox Game Pass

It’s been a pretty eventful couple of weeks for Microsoft’s subscription service, with the company’s Bethesda deal finally being approved by the EU – which has resulted in 20 of the company’s games being added to Game Pass. There’s some truly iconic titles now available for the Xbox subscription service, which is a great reminder of just how huge the franchises under the Bethesda umbrella are.

First up, the Dishonored titles: both excellent examples of games that allow the player to choose how they approach and dispatch their targets in a wonderfully realised steampunk city. Well written, with bags of atmosphere and superb soundtracks, it’s great to see these games added as they definitely deserve a wider audience.

The majority of Doom games are now on Game Pass too, from the classic first two Doom games, to lesser known but superb Doom 64 (which was originally an exclusive on Nintendo 64 – and failed to reach the audience it deserved) and onto the less fondly remembered (but still excellent) Doom 3 – then finally, the most recent game in the franchise (following 2016’s reboot, just called ‘Doom’ – which is oddly absent so far) Doom Eternal.

The Fallout series is next, with underrated series entry Fallout: New Vegas, followed by Fallout 4 (which I didn’t really get into, its base building and crafting elements being a real turn-off for me) and MMO Fallout 76.

Prey didn’t seem to gain much traction upon release, but is well liked by those who played it. It’s another game that should now find a much wider audience thanks to Game Pass.

Rage 2 was previously available on Game Pass last year – and it really didn’t gel with me at all. However, it’s a great visual showcase and it’s a nicely punchy shooter that should benefit from the exposure.

Three Elder Scrolls titles – Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim – have also made an appearance. Of them all, Skyrim is most lauded but I was also most fond of the more colourful environments of Oblivion. Having not given Morrowind much of a chance when I first played it, many years ago, I’m keen to give that a go again too.

Horror title The Evil Within has been added – and it’s one I’ve stayed away from. Horror really isn’t my thing!

Lastly, a triple threat in the form of three Wolfenstein titles: The New Order, The Old Blood and Youngblood. Having not played any of them, but being fond of older Wolfenstein games, I’m keen to give these a go.

It’s a truly excellent selection of titles and shows just how much value is in Game Pass; remember that this is but a fraction of the games on offer to subscribers. It was already a service that offered unbeatable value; I’m curious to see how far the competition keep going before they start to react with their own, similar services.

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