As I mentioned in my review of the first episode yesterday, it wasn’t going to be long before I covered the second episode.

So here we are. Following the cliffhanger in episode one, we jump straight back in with Clint having unmasked the Ronin-costumed Kate – and he’s soon helping her to escape the Tracksuit Mafia. Kate – Hawkeye fangirl that she is – seems to be expecting to be trained to be a better superhero, when all Clint wants is to get his costume back and get back to his family in time for Christmas. The Tracksuit Mafia, however, have other ideas – and there’s also the matter of Kate’s time in the Ronin suit implicating her in the murder of her soon-to-be-stepfather’s uncle’s murder…

With much of the exposition out of the way, the second episode hits the ground running – and it’s definitely advisable to watch both of the first episodes in a single sitting – it balances out the Bishop family focus of the series opener, with a much stronger spotlight on the Barton/Bishop dynamic. Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld play off one another brilliantly too; the old pro reluctantly forced to assist the talented – but somewhat annoying – wannabe.

There’s some really amusing scenes here too, with a great slow motion LARP sequence – though it’s a bit of a shame that the LARPers are made fun of; they seem to be a go-to as a community to ‘safely’ mock in shows and films these days.

There seems to be some heavy-handedness going on with Kate’s family though; the butterscotch from episode one making an unsurprising appearance, from the most expected character too – though it’s possible that this is all a slight red herring. There’s definitely more to come from the Bishop family and those in their orbit (not that I mentioned it in my review of the first episode, but the apparent de-aging on Kate’s father would suggest that we haven’t seen the last of him either; though there was a funeral, we didn’t actually see anything happen to him).

The cliffhanger gives us what appears to be another Marvel character who will soon be featuring in their own show, which is really nicely handled. I could, however, have misinterpreted who it is – no doubt the reveal won’t take long in any case – thankfully; I’m very eager to see what happens next. So far, Hawkeye is a pretty good, pretty grounded adventure for the MCU – even less fantastical than, say The Falcon and the Winter Soldier – and after the multiverse/timeline busting shenanigans of Loki and What If…?, in my opinion it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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