Exarchon – the Transformer who single-handedly kickstarted the last war on Cybertron – has been resurrected and is up to his old tricks, recruiting his old generals in another attempt to conquer Cybertron. With other Cybertronians rising from the dead, the stage is set for some major chaos – with unlikely alliances seemingly the only way for many Autobots and Decepticons to survive the oncoming storm.

Despite my love for Transformers and reasonable grasp of the lore, I don’t mind admitting that I was completely baffled not just by much of the minutiae here, but also in keeping track of who everyone was. Though I was similarly befuddled when I jumped on board the two stunning ongoing comic series More Than Meets The Eye and Robots in Disguise, I did feel as if they did a much better job of bringing newer readers up to speed.

Part of the problem is that War’s End is branded as if it’s a standalone series, but it’s actually a spin-off of the current Transformers ongoing, which means that newbies are jumping into ongoing plots and characters that have been established and built up in that series without any prior knowledge; not much is given in the way of details to assist the curious but lapsed Transformers fan either.

Nonetheless, the broader plot is an intriguing one; it’s just a shame that it’s such an off-puttingly continuity-heavy tale that requires a lot of prior knowledge to really get the most from it. It’s not a series I’ll be returning to, which is a shame; if you don’t know your Shockwaves from your Soundwaves or even your Soundwaves from your Soundblasters (and evidently, even the colourist was confused, having coloured Soundblaster in Soundwave’s colours in at least one panel), it’s not one I can recommend to you either.

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