It’s not often that us geeky indie creator types get to show off about something really, truly special. Yet podcast team D8Dungeon have found themselves in this exact position – as their D&D show Romancing the Dungeon has won Bronze in the Irish Podcast Awards for Best Fiction Podcast.

The Limerick-based team were founded in 2019, starting off as five friends who put together the D&D 5e adventure podcast, Romancing the Dungeon. It’s a romcom inspired, Dungeons & Dragons podcast, which has grown impressively over the last few years and – perhaps at least partially reflecting the fact that D&D seems to have become ever more mainstream – has met with great success. Regardless of the mainstream status of D&D itself, the fact that a Dungeons & Dragons podcast was nominated for – and won – an award in a non-genre awards category is a huge achievement.


Romancing the Dungeon is described as a softcore, rom com inspired drama, which – despite its fantasy setting – is full of relatable characters, relationships and situations. The dramatic events and relatable characters truly elevate Romancing the Dungeon beyond its RPG roots and well into the realms of radio drama. Romancing the Dungeon’s fresh approach has garnered it more than 25,000 downloads and an active, engaged community on Discord and social media.

Speaking of that community, the fact that the creators are active participants beyond the show has really helped too; the end of the show’s first season saw the team celebrate with an online wrap party, during which fans could vote for mock-awards for the cast and characters, as well as interact with the cast themselves.


Admirably, the team have also positively channelled the energy and engagement of their community to raise money for worthy causes on two separate occasions. During the lockdowns in 2021 – which forced everyone to find ways to interact remotely – the team arranged a 24 hour tabletop RPG event to support Child’s Play and Project Hope. This raised over 2000 Euros for charity!

Not wishing to rest on their laurels, the team did it all over again this year, with a two day, seven stream event which saw them raise around 1500 Euros for Planned Parenthood. D8Dungeon have also worked with other teams on further charitable activities; they already have plans afoot for another charity event of their own next year.

You can check out just how magical Romancing the Dungeon is – and see exactly why it won a prestigious podcast award – for yourself, along with other related links, here.

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