Dungeons and Dragons – Behold! – A Search and Find Adventure is out now – you can purchase it directly from Harper Collins here.

A perfect gift for the Dungeons & Dragons fan in your life, regardless of their age, Behold! takes a familiar formula – busy crowd scenes in which you need to find characters and objects; a format originated and popularised by the Where’s Wally books – and gives it plenty of D&D flavour.

The first task is to find the floating eye-beast, Myopus The All-Seeing – a creature known as a Beholder, from which the book’s title is cleverly derived – in each brilliantly illustrated, colourful scene. There’s lots more to find, however, with some really smart and lore-specific stuff scattered throughout.

As well as other creatures – such as the shape-changing blob of Black Pudding or the Mimic, a monstrous master of disguise – there’s a party of adventurers to seek out too. In a particularly lovely touch, they ‘level up’ as the adventure progresses, gaining new equipment and abilities as they do.

It’s the kind of book whose content could easily have been phoned in and given a lazy scavenger hunt to readers, but the passion for – and knowledge of – the source material shines through on every carefully crafted page, from the use of key D&D locations to familiar characters, tropes and objects.

It’s relatively short, but that tends to be the case with this type of book; it is, however, lovingly crafted and produced – the hardcover volume I received is beautifully made – and it’s a book that the whole family can enjoy poring over and playing through together. Artists Ulises Farinas and Gabriel Cassata – along with writer Susie Rae – have done a fantastic job in bringing this concept to the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Dungeons and Dragons – Behold! is a book I can heartily recommend for fans of Where’s Wally-style shenanigans; challenges are cleverly layered so you can progress just be finding the Beholder, but there’s a lot more to discover if you want to prolong the experience.

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You can also purchase directly from Harper Collins at this link.

Many thanks to the publishers for providing me with a copy of Behold! to review.

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