Though she’s bested another Yautja in battle, Theta’s search for the Predator that killed her family when she was a child continues. However, she’s been taken prisoner on a ship owned by the Astar corporation – and there’s seemingly no way out. Given how resourceful Theta has proven to be in her years of fighting the Yautja, can she find a way to escape?

Ed Brisson’s Predator story continues to be hugely satisfying, helped along by Kev Walker’s brilliantly stylised art.

It reminds me so much of old school tie in comics from the 90s, and though that may sound like the furthest thing from a compliment you can imagine if you remember 90s comics, do bear in mind that Dark Horse Comics were regularly pumping out superb licensed fare including Predator comics, in that period.

I’ve really enjoyed having a Predator tale that avoids all the usual cliches and callbacks; the far future setting has been helpful in this regard.

This penultimate issue is a great example of just how good this series has been; it’s such a shame that Marvel’s Alien series has been so dull, even without comparing it to this brilliant Predator tale.

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