Geeky gamer Derek delivers pizzas; he also has a heart of gold, despite being a bit of a slacker. Sister Leah is an artist – and, on a trip to the local dump to find more pieces for a project that Derek accidentally broke, she stumbles upon a alien gauntlet. Roping Derek in to test it, it seems that someone not of this Earth may be seeking the very powerful, high tech device…

Aside from one needless bit of gore at the climax – which, admittedly, is itself very brief and tame – the first issue of MechaTon is a really fun, all ages friendly superhero adventure.

Perhaps it’s just me, but the cold and callous way an enemy is dispatched by the otherwise good natured Derek didn’t quite sit right with me; nor did the offhand way in which that was dealt with.

However, do bear in mind that I’m talking about one or two panels in an otherwise superb, very well written – and brilliantly illustrated – comic.

Writers Wells Thompson and Dalton K. Shannon do great work in introducing characters and giving them a great deal of life in the script; slacker Derek really does come across as a genuinely good guy, thanks to a few of the scenes in this first issue.

Fernando Pinto’s art is just perfect too; it has a real energy and, for the most part, very clear storytelling too.

In short, this is a fantastic start to the MechaTon story, with great characters, wonderful art and a really fun premise. It has a lot of heart and ends on a great cliffhanger too; it’s well worth checking out – the creators are onto a winning formula if this first issue is anything to go by.

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