The protagonist of Marvel’s first Predator series – Theta – has returned. The time and space displaced humans, being hunted by the Yautja on an unfamiliar alien world, have now happened upon their protector, with Theta and her companion taking it upon themselves to lead the disoriented people to safety.

Yet the hunt intensifies – and as they make their way to the safety of Theta’s ship, it seems that they have more to fear than just the ever-present threat of the Yautja.

Revisiting the premise of 2010 movie Predators – which had an interesting idea or two in its setting, but fell down in its execution – was something I didn’t think was a wise idea.

Yet, in bringing a central mystery – of how each human has been plucked from their respective time period, along with why they may have been chosen – there’s an almost Lost-esque quality running through the story.

Though the ‘why’ was quickly established in 2010’s Predators, the ‘how’ never was, though in that instance it was probably best left vague. Here, it seems as if Brisson will reveal both aspects of that mystery, though we don’t get there yet.

Though this issue does slow down the pace a little, it’s definitely not short on action or drama, with a shocking fight scene at the climax.

I’m a big fan of Netho Diaz’s art so far; it’s a good fit for Predator, with great clarity in its storytelling and nicely done gore when it’s appropriate and called for.

It’s great that Brisson has such a good handle on what makes the Predator franchise work; it’s something that’s eluded many filmmakers over the years since the 1987 original led us into the jungle – and brought us face to face with an alien big game hunter whose popularity persists, despite the mishandling of movies that the Yautja feature in.

It seems that Prey and the Marvel comics have heralded a long overdue return to form for the Predator – us long term fans are finally getting the stories we deserve.

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