Theta has been seriously wounded and the spaceship – which was the one way off the Yautja’s game reserve planet – has been stolen. So what now for our group of hunted, time and space displaced humans? The Yautja haven’t been stopped, but have been delayed by a different group of ferocious alien beings – so it’s only a matter of time before humans are back to being hunted.

It’s crazy that this comic seems to far more effectively use the premise of 2010 movie Predators than the movie itself did, but here we are.

The mystery of the hunted humans being from various time periods is well done, as are the effects of their displacement on what they understand about the universe and its many inhabitants.

It puts me in mind of Lost; though the gore is more extreme and there are, of course, more aliens involved.

It’s really good – and it was fun to see that the ‘new’ alien species seems to have taken more than a little inspiration from another Stan Winston creation: Pumpkinhead, from the Winston-directed film of the same name (fun fact: in the UK, we originally knew it as Vengeance: The Demon!).

It’s been a good time to be a Predator fan; both Prey and the first volume of Marvel’s comic series arrived last year – and both were excellent. This series is, so far at least, giving us long-suffering fans exactly what we’ve been after for some time: a return to form for the oft-maligned, often mishandled franchise.

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