Full disclosure: I was contacted by the publisher of Theatre Tales for Switch; they provided me with a review code for the game. Along with this, they very kindly provided three more codes for me to give away to Twitter followers.

Theatre Tales 01 (press material)

I understand that the game is for much younger players, but it’s frustratingly incomplete as it is.

The game’s eShop page mentions that children can use the Free Play mode to make their own stories; at the time of writing and on the day of release, this mode is not included.

Not only that, but perhaps the biggest issue is that only one story is unlocked for play so far. Given that the story – Little Red Riding Hood – can be completed in a matter of minutes, even by players of pre-school age, who are of course the target audience, it does feel incredibly threadbare right now.

Theatre Tales 07 (press material)

It’s a shame; what’s here is pretty charming and it’s a delight to control various stick figure puppets through a non-language dependent retelling of the story. Characters speak in symbols and almost Sims-esque noises, so no reading ability is needed to understand what’s going on.

Theatre Tales 05 (press material)

It’s mostly a very basic point and click game with the odd mini-game thrown in here and there to add further variety to proceedings.

It’s hard to recommend right now, even though the price is – currently – less than a quid (and even at full UK price it’ll only be £1.29), but once further modes and stories are added, this should be a great collection of simple, interactive stories for under 5s.

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