There’s a deluge of games released every single day on a huge variety of formats and digital storefronts.

Though it’s great to have so much content to choose from, it presents an unfortunate problem – discoverability on digital storefronts is a major issue. Most gaming websites seem to concern themselves with only AAA games or relatively big budget indies; where does everyone else go for coverage?

As a relatively new blogger and games writer – albeit someone who already has years of writing (and gaming!) experience – I’m grateful for any opportunity to cover games. I don’t discriminate when it comes to the size, scope or genre of a game; I also have access to most formats and I’m usually able to write reasonably detailed previews or first impressions within a few days of receiving a game code.

To manage expectations, I must clarify that full reviews naturally take longer, of course, and are dependent on my ability to actually progress in a game; I don’t feel comfortable with reviewing games unless I’ve made a sizeable dent in them, at the very least – and ideally not until I’ve managed to actually finish the main story or campaign (if there is one).

I can provide social media or blog engagement statistics once I’ve posted coverage of a game (or games), if needed.

It’s all well and good me telling you this, but examples of my work would be useful too, right? Well, you can find a list of my currently published full reviews via my Twitter account’s pinned tweet, where I’ve handily gathered everything currently available into one thread, here.

I’ve also published previews, first impressions and even reviews on my blog – you’re here already, of course – but here’s the link to the main page, if you need it.

I’m always honest with my opinions, but I’m also keen to highlight pros and cons in a fair and balanced way. I’m not averse to review scores or ratings, but I do feel that it’s too easy for a reader to skip to them and see only the final rating without taking into account anything that’s been said about a game. That said, some of the sites I write for do insist upon a score at the end of a review.

I take enormous pride in what I do and treat every article with care and attention – regardless of whether or not I enjoy a game.

Something else I’d like to point out is that I absolutely do cover everything I’m sent. I may not have the chance to write full reviews in every instance, but I will at least write a blog post that I’ll share via social media.

So if you are a developer or publisher and you’d like to get some coverage, thanks for reading. And please do get in touch – it’d be great to hear from you!

You can get in touch with Jason via DM on Twitter ( or by emailing him at

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