Now available on Steam – console and VR versions due later this year

Good news, Switch fishing fans! Though there are already a few alternatives to the abomination that is Go Fishing 3D, there’s a highly regarded PC fishing game – Ultimate Fishing Simulator – on its way to consoles in the second half of this year (so that’s not only good news for Switch fisherpeople, but also for Xbox one and PS4 owners too!). Additionally, all previously available DLC will also be appearing on each console platform.

Currently at a not too shabby 83% positive user rating on Steam and a respectable 70% from a very limited number of Metacritic reviews, a VR edition of Ultimate Fishing Simulator is also on the way, compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and releasing in July/August 2019 (other VR platforms may be supported too, though this is not yet confirmed). Further add-ons are also planned, which will feature additional fisheries, boats and dozens of new fish species.

Though the VR version is being released as a separate game, owners of the standard version will be able to buy – at a lower price – an add-on to extend the main game with VR support.

Unlike the dire, lifeless and near-enough featureless Go Fishing 3D that I looked at recently, Ultimate Fishing Simulator is – thankfully – a fully featured game with ten locations (modelled on real world settings), lots of different fishing techniques, several dozen types of fish, a dynamic weather change system, a frankly terrifying-sounding view from the perspective of the bait and more.

If you’ve already read my review of Go Fishing 3D (spoiler: I hated it), you’ll know I do appreciate a good fishing game – and I’m very much looking forward to Ultimate Fishing Simulator. I’ll be getting my hands on a review copy nearer to release and I’ll let you know my thoughts as soon as I do.

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