At some point recently, I seem to have sailed past 4000 followers on Twitter. It’s a testament to how fast social media moves and how quickly everything seems to have grown that I didn’t actually notice when it happened.

Which sounds really bad, but – having now noticed – I wanted to write something more substantial than just a thank you tweet, which I’ve found have been increasingly difficult to write; I can’t possibly say everything I want or need to in such a short space. Threading tweets just seems to be a quick way of losing or fragmenting my message in any case. If you’re new to following me, don’t worry – I don’t make a habit of this!

So firstly, I just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who follows me, who takes the time to interact and who believes in me. Even if you don’t, but you see my tweets – that’s ok too! I’m glad that you’re there – you make me feel like I have a voice. It also makes me feel that whatever inane, silly or obvious observation I may have actually matters (even when it really doesn’t matter at all!). I’m really, truly grateful to everyone who continues to follow me on Twitter!

Since I joined Twitter in February 2019, I’ve gone from being someone who was too shy to even reveal a face pic to someone who’s had the confidence to write an article on my weight loss journey, with before and after photos included. I’ve also been able to write about some of the games that have meant so much to me throughout my life, which has been nostalgic, satisfying and, in some cases, cathartic.

I also need to thank everyone who’s taken the time to read my articles, give me feedback and offer support. It’s been priceless. You may not realise this from my social media presence, but having Autism Spectrum Disorder means that I’m prone to a number of mental health issues which do take their toll from time to time – and yet, due in part to the support, encouragement and friendship I’ve found in the community on Twitter, these issues have been largely kept at bay this year. It’s the first time that’s been the case for as long as I can remember.

I couldn’t write this thank you post without also expressing huge gratitude to the developers and publishers who have been willing to take a chance on me with game codes. Having this support has been invaluable and has helped me to hone my craft as a writer, as well as introducing me to some superb games that I would not otherwise have had the chance to play. I hope also that the coverage I’ve given these games has helped to spread awareness, especially as digital marketplaces are so crowded – it’s incredibly difficult to stand out and be noticed, so I appreciate being given the chance to assist.

Finally, I need to extend an extra special thanks to Jumpcut Online, who took a massive gamble on me in giving me the chance to write for them. It gave me the confidence in my writing that I’ve lacked for the last decade or so, having last had my writing published way back in the late-00s. At some point when I’ve calmed down on my blog writing (I’m still posting a substantial article daily and at way past 100 articles now!), I’d very much like to write for them again. In any case, go check them out – they’re awesome and they have some absolutely amazing content, from lots of lovely, incredibly talented people (and some stuff by me too!).

It’s been a blast to feel like part of such an awesome, friendly, inclusive and welcoming community for the last six months. There are exciting times ahead with new consoles on the horizon – and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next gen brings us, with all 4000+ of you. Stay classy, Gaming Twitter.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this – or any of my other content – it’d be much appreciated if you’re able to share this article via social media. I’d also be forever grateful if you’re able to support me via: – which would assist me in writing even more content just like this. Above all else though, thanks for reading – I truly appreciate it!


  1. Has been my pleasure meeting you on twitter my friend, love chatting, but do sometimes feel it restrictive as your saying here. Your a top bloke, fantastic review writer and over all good guy in my eyes. Been nothing but supportive, fun and light hearted, and damn you know your games too buddy lol really isn’t a start to my day without a good morning from ya, keep up this amazing work and keep being you my friend. I’ll keep reading don’t you worry Stew 🙂

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