Release dates: Q1 2020 (Steam), 2020 (Nintendo Switch)

Man of Medan, just released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, is the first in an intended series known as The Dark Pictures Anthology. By all measures, it seems to be off to a roaring start, with an excellent critical and commercial reception.

It can’t be accidental that another horror anthology has just been announced, albeit this time for PC and Nintendo Switch. What’s intriguing about this new title, Anthology of Fear, is that it’s a psychological horror featuring not just one story, but three – according to the press release, these will be separate, rather than interwoven, narratives.

Also according to the press release, Anthology of Fear will feature ‘a multidimensional view of fear, unconventional solutions as well as diverse gameplay’. The information I’ve been given goes to great lengths to stress that gameplay elements will also be different across the stories, giving it the feel of three smaller games as part of a package.

Director and Chief Designer of Anthology of Fear, Hubert Zatorski, says that fans of Silent Hill, Outlast, Layers of Fear and Alan Wake will find much to enjoy here.

The first story is set in 20th century Siberia, the second a more contemporary story and the third currently kept under wraps. As Piotr Rycąbel, chief programmer, explains:
“In Anthology of Fear we took a broad perspective and that will translate into the gameplay itself. Thus, each episode will also be different in this respect. Depending on the episode, there will be plenty of exploration, sneaking, escaping, fighting and hunting.”

It all sounds very interesting and, though horror is not a genre I spend much time with (because I’m an absolute coward, quite frankly), Anthology of Fear does seem to be filled with enough intriguing elements that I’m keen to keep a close eye on it as development progresses.

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