Out: Q4 2019 – Platform: Oculus Quest and Rift (PSVR and further devices to follow) – Developed by: MotionX Studio – Website

I’ve only tried a few racers in VR, but those I have given a chance were incredibly immersive experiences. I first caught sight of upcoming Oculus Quest game Dash Dash World earlier this week – and was immediately attracted to its colourful visuals, excellent art design and intriguing game mechanics.

A cartoony kart racer in VR with an excellent implementation of weapon mechanics that seem clever, immersive and satisfying, Dash Dash: World is developed by MotionX Studio, who specialise in VR/AR games and simulators, perhaps unsurprisingly show a clear understanding of how to move kart racing from the 3D space on a screen to the more immersive environment of VR.

Don’t just take my word for it though – check out the gameplay footage here:

As you can see, the vibrant visuals and weapons look superb; rather than the usual fire-and-forget mechanics we’ve come to expect, having to throw or properly wield the OTT weapons looks like an awful lot of fun. There’s quite a bit of variety just in this area alone, with grenade throwing, pulling triggers and – slightly leftfield, but perhaps most satisfying – smashing your opponents with a frying pan.

The character and environment design is wonderful, with a really pleasing, cartoony style (I think I’m already in love with the Alpaca). Full customisation is promised – you’ll be able to personalise the look of your character and your kart too.

It all adds up to a very promising looking game (even more promising, it’ll be multiplayer and cross platform – with support for all major devices and even mobile at a later stage) and with it due out Q4 2019 (which means it’ll be out soon!), I can’t wait to give it a try myself.

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