I’ve always enjoyed Civ games – and turn based strategy games in general, but there’s always one problem: I’m awful at them. I seem to spend ages mucking around at a prehistoric level of development – when I finally encounter AI colonies, they’ve always outpaced me in technology and weapons by a good few hundred years, somehow.

Still, I love the way that all of the different systems in a Civ-type game interlock, and the way that tech trees grow and evolve is always hugely satisfying.

I’m not sure that DicTater is the game that’ll cure me of my crappy performance in Civilization style games, but what I’ve played of it so far has been really fun indeed. Though hex-based, the potato-based action feels a lot more immediate and tactile than the average Civ game, with actions taking place in real time.

Timer countdowns do feature when building, but thankfully these aren’t the frustrating, sometimes ridiculously long times that other mobile games force upon you, in the hope that you’ll spend money to accelerate the pace. In fact, DicTater’s developers have admirably stated that microtransactions will absolutely not feature, with the game being funded initially by the Kickstarter campaign that’s just launched today, then by income generated from the sale of expansions further down the line.

Having had some time with the demo version of DicTater, I’m pleased to report that it seems to have a lot of depth, albeit dressed in a nicely appealing, cartoony exterior. As you’d probably expect from the title, no opportunity for a potato-based reference or pun is missed at any point.

If you’re the kind of person who dismisses mobile games due to either their simplicity or reliance on microtransactions, DicTater is probably right up your street. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with its wealth of gameplay elements, accessibility and potato-based jokes – and can’t wait to experience the full version. Why not take a look at the trailer while you’re here:

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