Though I’ve yet to play The Otterman Empire, I’m very keen to get my hands on it (and will be doing so very shortly, thanks to a demo I’ve kindly been given access to by the game’s developer/publisher, Tri-Heart Interactive).

Available on Steam to add to your wishlist now (link here), The Otterman Empire is a one to four player third person shooter – website here – with an appealingly cartoony and colourful aesthetic.

And otters. What’s not to love?

Something that really does appeal to me about The Otterman Empire is the fact that it supports four player splitscreen play – which is somewhat of a novelty these days, given that most shooters opt to instead go for online-only multiplayer. Though online play does have its advantages, there’s definitely a massive appeal to being in the same room as the other players, with all of the laughter and trash talking it brings.

Seeing The Otterman Empire in action immediately reminded me of long-forgotten Dreamcast title Fur Fighters, a third person shooter from Bizarre Creations (the creators of Metropolis Street Racer and Project Gotham Racing). This is no bad thing; Fur Fighters (which made its way to PC and also received an updated version on PS2, subtitled Viggo’s Revenge) was an excellent little game with a great sense of humour and some seriously solid action.

I don’t remember jetpacks though – which The Otterman Empire seems, from the trailer at least, to be making very good use of. This element looks to be bringing a very open and more airborne feel that many other third person shooters lack; given that it also features superb character design and a vibrant, bold aesthetic, I’m personally very keen to check out The Otterman Empire when it launches in early 2020 on PC, Xbox One and Switch. I’ll be sure to give further thoughts once I’ve had a chance to check out the demo – watch this space!

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