I hear you. “We get it,” you cry, “you really like small tabletop games!”

You’re not wrong. I’m not someone who has an abundance of space at home – so smaller games really suit me from that point of view. Time is another issue; smaller games tend to carry not just a smaller footprint, but also a shorter play time than big box offerings too.

So here’s another. Dome Crushers is a two player game of giant monster battles with fantastic art, easy to pick up gameplay and an unusual, satisfying scoring mechanism. Each player has their own deck – though they’re identical aside from the colour on the back of the cards – to draw from. Each turn, players will take turns to play a card from their hand, in either attack or ability mode. Playing a card vertically gives attack points, but play a card horizontally and you’ll use that card’s unique ability. When both players have played their four cards, attack totals are counted and the player with the highest total wins the round.

Scoring is handled in a slightly unorthodox way, with attack cards counting towards end game victory point totals and cards played defensively being added back into player decks for the next round. The player with the highest number of victory points when either player is unable to draw four cards for a new hand is the winner.

Much like Terrible Monster, despite the small number of cards that comprise the full game, there’s a lot more gameplay here than you may expect (the cards are oversized too, which is a blessing considering their dual functions).

There’s a great tug of war, ebb and flow feel to each round, with timing and the decision as to whether to play offensively or in ability mode being really key during every turn. Also, as with the other games I’ve covered this week, the cost of the game is low – and I would absolutely recommend checking it out if you get the chance. For a quick, competitive 10-15 minute game for two players, it’s well designed and aesthetically brilliant (I love being able to see the tiny humans in control of the giant creatures in all of the illustrations, for one thing) – and I’m very glad I took a chance on it.

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