‘Twas the week before Christmas – and I decided to spend it highlighting small, easy to learn and (most importantly) fun tabletop games. I tried to make sure I covered an especially varied selection of games; let’s take a look at what I was able to check out this week.

Flip City

A compact card game with a city-building theme, Flip City is a visually appealing and compelling little game.

It’s somewhat abstract, but has some neat little touches – and a lot of different mechanics for such a small set of cards. Expansions are also available to extend or change the basic game.

Deep Sea Adventure

A ridiculously addictive little game of pushing your luck while diving for treasure on a limited air supply, Deep Sea Adventure is honestly one of the most satisfying and addictive board games I’ve played in the last few years.

Paying attention to what your fellow players are doing is key here, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in trying to get that extra valuable treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Excellent stuff!

Rhino Hero

Rhino Hero is a wonderful game of stacking towers and anthropormorphic animal super heroes. It’s ace!

Though simple enough to be played by even very young gamers, it’s still a satisfying and clever little game for players of any age.

Terrible Monster

There are just sixteen cards in the base game of Terrible Monster, yet it impressively manages to feel much bigger (much like the eponymous beast itself!).

There’s a nice back and forth feel to the proceedings and – with such a small number of cards – it doesn’t take long to learn the intricacies and purposes of each card in the game. Well worth checking out!

The Desperation expansion adds aspects such as character roles for the players, but the base game alone is well worth checking out before adding the extra elements.

Dome Crushers

Another game with a minimal number of cards, Dome Crushers is a game of giant gladiatorial beast battles. And it is great.

The illustrations are wonderful and the mechanics feel pretty unique, with an excellent scoring mechanism that makes the way cards are played throughout incredibly important. Another game that’s well worth checking out.

Catan: Dice Game

The Settlers of Catan is a hugely popular game that first released in 1995 and proved to be a gateway game for many players, opening their minds to the possibilities beyond the usual board games that were on offer at the time.
Though somewhat dated now, the board game is still popular; the dice game takes the basic elements and boils it down to the basics, giving the same feel in a fraction of the time – and with less interactivity with other players, it must be said. However, it’s still an excellent game that feels a little like Yahtzee with a civilisation building element.

So there we go; six very different, small and easy to learn tabletop games, perfect for families to try out at Christmas. If you have any board, card or dice games you particularly enjoy playing, be sure to let me know in the comments below – Id love to hear about them!

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