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I hadn’t heard of or played the first Devious Dungeon game when I happened upon the second; however, it does seem to share quite a lot of common ground with another 2D, dungeon delving roguelike that I have played: Rogue Legacy.

Though devoid of that game’s genetic traits gimmick, Devious Dungeon 2 does feel similar to Rogue Legacy’s basic gameplay. You choose a character, head into a procedurally generated dungeon and attempt to get out again with plenty of loot, having slain loads of deadly creatures.

The pixel art style is functional, if unmemorable, and the gameplay can be surprisingly addictive; though sometimes unforgiving, it never feels unfair – and the core dungeon delving, money gathering and equipment upgrading provides a compelling gameplay loop. There’s a lot here, with a selection of three characters – each with their own unique ability – and plenty of weapons and equipment to purchase.

It’s not the most original game in the world, but the pixel art is reasonably nice (though it is a little generic) and it does play well. It’s a decent enough diversion, but don’t expect to be blown away by a unique or original experience. It sets out to be a fun little hack and slash game – and achieves that goal.

It’s just a bit of a shame that the developers didn’t aim a little higher with their ambitions here, especially given that similar games – such as the aforementioned Rogue Legacy – do have a key gimmick to differentiate themselves from more generic fare.

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