Oddly coinciding with my renewed interest in 2000AD and Dredd – which was mostly prompted by my viewing of excellent documentary Future Shock: The Story of 2000AD – there’s a new bundle available at Humble for the next three weeks which contains an awful lot of fantastic material from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic. It’s for good causes too, with the charity contribution going to War Child (which helps children whose lives have been irrevocably changed by war) and Special Effect (a charity that assists all people with disabilities to enjoy video games). As is customary, you decide how much of the payment you make goes to charity, to the publishers of the comics (in this instance, Rebellion) and/or to Humble as a tip.

War Child and Special Effect

There’s an absolutely astonishing wealth of material on offer at all tier levels; even the lowest tier ($1/£0.76) netting you ten large volumes of comics goodness – including the very first Judge Dredd Case Files collection, Grant Morrison’s groundbreaking Zenith Phase 1 and Alan Moore’s brilliant Halo Jones Book 1. Opt for the higher tiers, with the highest being $15/£11.52) and you’ll get those books plus another 29, with the rest of the Zenith and Halo Jones collections included in full. It’s a wonderful starting point for beginners, lapsed readers or even fans looking to plug some gaps in their collection – and with the proceeds going to good causes too, why not give it a try?

You can purchase the Judge Dredd, 2000AD & More bundle here.

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