Not Not - A Brain Buster

Available now on: Switch (version played), Android & iOS

I’ve always been incredibly quick to inform people when they’ve committed the ultimate sin: using a double negative. Though correction can often be met with bafflement and the offender still going on to use phrases such as ‘I didn’t say nothing’ when they mean the complete opposite, it’s something I’m unable to stop myself doing.

So here’s the ideal game for me! A quick paced puzzler based around double and triple negatives – surely the easiest game in the world for such a long term battler of the linguistic abuse that such negatives inflict, right?

Apparently not – or should I say, not not not. Set on a cube in which you’ll need to rotate to the next side according to the deceptively simple instructions given, you’ll be eased in with some very easy instructions. Left, for example (so just move left!). Right. Down. Up. Simple!

It’s not long before the complexity is slightly ramped up. Not left – so go anywhere except left. Not not right – just go right! It’s when you get these multiple nots that your brain, under pressure of a strict time limit that leads to instant failure, starts to melt.

Adding in multiple steps and even colours (that give a more visual element to the proceedings) makes it even harder to think and act under pressure. The number of moves you have to complete in order to succeed increases too, meaning that you’ll have to remain quick and accurate for much longer. It’s an incredibly tense and mind-bending experience. As an added bonus, the Switch version even comes with a competitive multiplayer mode.

There’s nothing quite like it out there – especially on Switch – and it’s a reasonably priced game with an awful lot of ridiculously tough challenges to overcome. Well worth a purchase if you’re looking for something to exercise your brain as well as your hand eye co-ordination.

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