Keanu Reeves has undergone an absolutely incredible career renaissance in recent years, with the John Wick films shooting him into stratospheric heights of popularity that he hasn’t seen since the first Matrix movie way back in 1999. And why not? It’s about time; Reeves is reportedly one of the nicest and most down to earth people working in movies today, especially given his popularity.

(In an unrelated note, today is also his 56th birthday – happy birthday, Keanu! If you could let the rest of us have access to the fountain of youth, that’d be great – thanks!)

So there’s probably never been a better time for him to launch himself into an entirely new arena – which he has done with the vowel-starved comic book series BRZRKR. Written by Reeves and New York Times-bestselling co-writer Matt Kindt – and illustrated by esteemed comic book artist Ron Garney, BRZRKR is the story of a centuries-old immortal warrior (bearing a striking and entirely coincidental resemblance to Keanu Reeves) who finds himself working for the US Government, fighting battles that are deemed far too dangerous for mere mortals to undertake. In exchange for his work, he’s seeking a way to end his own existence altogether…

Billed as a blood-soaked, graphically violent series that’ll appeal to fans of Wolverine (who Reeves was keen to play, at least earlier in his career) and John Wick (’nuff said), BRZRKR is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. There’s a number of different editions including Kickstarter-exclusives, along with numerous stretch goals to be unlocked. The campaign is already off to an unsurprisingly strong start at more than 500% of its original funding; no doubt there’ll be plenty more added to the stretch goals over the next month that the campaign is active for.

You can check out the campaign and back BRZRKR at this link.

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