Available now on Switch (£4.49/$4.99) – Published by Forever Entertainment

One area in which the brilliant Bomberman games has always felt lacking is with the single player modes; there’s simply not enough variety or unpredictability with the enemy AI to give the game the same addictive spark that powers the near-peerless multiplayer action. However, an addictive, varied and surprisingly expansive single player campaign is at the heart of Bomber Fox, a game which takes a similar premise to Bomberman – top-down, arena-based bomb-laying – and gives it a wonderfully modern sheen.

Much like Bomberman, however, there’s an addictive local multiplayer game here too; as with the single player campaign, there’s a great deal of variety and lots of options available to keep things fresh.

The campaign has some neat touches including locking you out of higher difficulty levels if you fail enough times; forcing you to prove yourself on lower difficulties before you can tackle the more challenging levels again (with the lives available to you reducing the higher you raise the challenge, with just one life on the hardest level and seven on the easiest). Outside of the main campaign there’s also Virus mode (which sees a random, unpredictable virus affecting your character’s abilities over 10 increasingly challenging levels) and Attack of the Rabbits, which pits your bomber against plenty of enemies who have multiple lives. There’s a lot of content here and it’s presented nicely, with a wonderfully glowing neon aesthetic and a brilliant soundtrack.

Bomber Fox does enough with the bomb arena formula to be much more than just a Bomberman homage and it’s a really well rounded package, especially for the asking price.

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