Safety First!		 Nintendo Switch Front Cover 2nd version

There’s no getting around it – Safety First is a bizarre, gross and hilarious physics-based puzzler. Despite its crude appearance – both in terms of simplicity and subject matter – it really works; it’s surprisingly good.

A game in which you control a stick man whose penis is not only very obviously on display (and subject also to the physics that the rest of his body parts obey), but also forms a fundamental part of the game. You see, the dangling appendage is required for you to solve the puzzles and move on; electrical faults must be extinguished using the, er, ‘Magical Yellow Repair Liquid’ that you can release in limited bursts per level. With 69 (of course) levels to get through that become increasingly difficult very quickly, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you.

Safety First!		 Screenshot

It’s a very challenging game; you use the left stick to move your left leg and the right stick for your right. Using them both carefully will move your character into position, whereupon you can then dispense the repair liquid and hopefully hit the right spot. The problem is, you can stretch your legs apart too far very easily – which results in a bloody mess as your limb detaches and the level fails. Though there’s a number of stages that’ll see you fail over and over again until you manage to get it just right, it rarely feels too frustrating and the simple one screen nature of the puzzles – added to the fact that it’s always clear what you need to do, even if actually carrying it out is tougher than you may think – means that it’s a pretty addictive game that you’ll persevere with for the most part.

Safety First!		 Screenshot

Though best played in small chunks rather than long play sessions – which can make the game feel a little repetitive, not to mention more and more frustrating the further you get – Safety First is very cheap even at full price and is well worth the cost of admission. It’s a great laugh; a game that’s as fun to watch someone play as it is to actually play it yourself. If not more so, especially when they’re gorily torn apart by their own stretching.

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