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Though I’m a bit late with this review – especially given that it would have been appropriate to fit very nicely into the build up to Halloweeen – it’s better late than never, right?

The same could be said for the law and past sins coming home to roost for our trio of aging made men in Old Haunts, which is making its way towards a big showdown in its penultimate issue.

With their past catching up to them from lots of different angles (better late than never, as I may have mentioned) and some surprising developments in terms of character loyalty, it’s all looking like things are not going to end well for anyone involved.

The understated but well plotted writing from Rob Williams and Ollie Masters continues to impress, as does the brilliantly evocative, dark urban horror of the artwork from Laurence Campbell, with brilliant colouring by Lee Loughridge – accentuating the Michael Mann-esque feel.

With issue 5’s climax now available, I’ll soon be finding out if the series ends on a high note. For the reader at least – for our characters, it looks like certain doom all around, in true noir style…

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