A scene from “Chapter 10: The Passenger”

After last week’s bombshell final shot featuring that fan favourite character’s potential return, it’s perhaps a disappointment that we don’t see it pay off this week. In fact, not much of note to our Mandalorian’s quest does get resolved in this episode, but it’s incredibly solid in terms of action – though it’s definitely one that arachnophobes should steer clear of.

Following last week’s failure to find an actual Mandalorian on Tatooine, our protagonist Mandalorian returns to Peli Motto – the hangar manager who, like many viewers, has a soft spot for The Child – whose Sabacc opponent tells the Mandalorian that his kind have been spotted on a planet just one sector over. He’s soon reluctantly agreeing to take a frog-like female back to the planet in question, who needs to take her spawn back there for her husband to fertilise. En route, they run into X-Wings on patrol for the New Republic – and their escape sees them crashing into an ice cave on a nearby planet, with something far worse than the former Rebel Alliance waiting in the freezing darkness…

A scene from “Chapter 10: The Passenger”

Though it’s great to get some space battle action here – with a tense sequence involving the two patrolling X-Wings (one of which is piloted by Star Wars creative mastermind Dave Filoni, who also appeared in the same role in a season one episode) that gives us a nice, albeit brief, exchange of information regarding post-Empire politics – and a bit more time with a disobedient, very hungry Child, the main plot of the Mandalorian doesn’t seem to advance at all by the end of the episode. To sweeten this somewhat, there’s an absolutely stunning, pretty intense Aliens-esque chase involving the wildlife on the planet the Mandalorian and his passengers are stuck on; it’s a lot scarier than you may be expecting and the stunningly realised creatures – arachnid in nature, hence the warning up top for arachnophobes – are terrifyingly persistent. There are moments of genuine laugh out loud humour, however, many of which involve the Child (doing a Chewie and always thinking with his stomach).

It’s an excellent standalone, but once it’s over and you’ve caught your breath, there’s still a bit of disappointment that it’s essentially two episodes in a row now where the Mandalorian hasn’t actually moved forward in terms of his quest. With only eight episodes left of the season, hopefully things kick up a notch plot-wise; the action’s been spot on so far, as have the practical and CGI effects – but my main concern is that the show could soon turn into The Meander-lorian.

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