With last week’s episode teetering on the precipice of horror – especially for arachnaphobes – it’ll be a relief for many viewers that we get a much more straightforward action extravaganza with The Heiress.

After narrowly escaping the arachnid-filled ice cave in the last episode, our Mandalorian and his passengers – the frog lady, her spawn and of course, The Child – land, or rather splash, onto the planet they were originally heading for. The frog lady reunites with her mate and our protagonist sets off to find the group of Mandalorians he was told were there. When a nautical excursion goes awry, he encounters the Mandalorians – who agree to help him where to find the Jedi if he can help them pull off a job in which they’ll be facing off against more remnants of the Empire.

Though again the action is top notch – and we get some superb cameos in this episode, with the always fantastic Titus Welliver as an Imperial Officer and Katee Sackhoff reprising her role from The Clone Wars (and Rebels) animated series, along with plenty of excellent creature effects (I’ve always had a soft spot for the Quarren) – there’s still the sense that there’s a formula here that’s stopping us from progressing through the Mandalorian’s personal quest. It all feels very side-questy; every week so far across these three episodes, we’ve had a ‘help me with this elaborate and incredibly dangerous job, then I’ll give you that information that it would have taken me two seconds to tell you’ plot, with the action being undeniably well shot and the effects top notch, but just feeling completely inessential.

This week, at least, we do get a few hints at the bigger picture and another familiar, very welcome face briefly pops up. A name is dropped towards the end that’ll have Clone Wars fans squeeing with delight even more; it at least promises that next week’s episode is going to be much more satisfying, from a ‘main quest’ point of view. Three side quests is more than enough, thanks – now let’s get back on track and make some real progress, eh Disney?

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