The Mandalorian

So far this season, I’ve been able to refrain from spoilers in all of my weekly reviews of The Mandalorian. If you’ve been watching them so far, you’ll know that a very big name was dropped a few episodes in and – though I even managed to avoid mentioning her name last week, lamenting the fact that we didn’t get to see her – it seems that there’s little point dancing around who it is any more, especially given the title of this week’s episode.

Not only that, but this episode, as you will probably have guessed from its title, wastes absolutely no time in giving us exactly what we have been waiting for. She’s here, in live action for the first time. Yep – ladies and gentlemen, meet Ahsoka Tano.

Opening with an absolutely brilliant battle scene, director Dave Filoni – who oversaw Ahsoka’s debut in The Clone Wars animated movie too – clearly enjoys showcasing the powerful Jedi’s abilities. A city’s populace on planet Corvus is being oppressed – and Ahsoka is determined to free the citizens by any means necessary, though her motivation is to find out who the tyrannical, ruthless Magistrate, in charge of the city, reports to. Giving the Magistrate a day to concede, Ahsoka walks away from the city gates – leaving a trail of defeated troops in her wake. Enter the Mandalorian and the Child; having been steered towards Tano by Bo-Katan in episode three, their arrival on Corvus doesn’t exactly go as we may expect. Is this where The Child and our protagonist part ways? Can his quest really be over?

Well, we still have three episodes to go – so perhaps not.

One thing I will say that won’t spoil proceedings is that Rosario Dawson makes a perfect live action Ahsoka, taking over the reins from her voice actor, Ashley Eckstein. Though many fans initially found it difficult to accept anyone else in the role, Dawson looks and sounds the part without question – she nails absolutely every aspect of the character. Her prosthetic head tails looked distractingly creased to me in some scenes, giving them a somewhat foamy rubber look – but that’s really nitpicking.

Tano drops another name into the mix that’ll have long term fans salivating too. And her mention of another Jedi set my mind off on so many tangents – at this point in the timeline, there’s a few possibilities as to who this could be, each of them equally exciting.

So it’s a lore heavy episode, with an awful lot of detail that fans will absolutely lap up – shot in the impressively movie-like way we’ve come to expect. It genuinely blows my mind that we’re essentially getting a new Star Wars movie every week with The Mandalorian – and one which feels notably like classic Star Wars at that. This week’s episode is bookended with well choreographed, exciting fights, has an appearance by the sorely underused Michael Biehn and some truly touching scenes with The Child (we finally get to learn The Child’s name too – but that is one piece of information that I’m not going to spoil) – seriously, go watch this episode now; you won’t regret it.

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