SnowyWorks | Monster's Cleanup Guy #1 | Spinwhiz Comics

Continuing my quest to shine a spotlight on lesser known indie comic books titles (thanks to Comichaus), the cool lycanthrope on the cover for The Monster’s Cleanup Guy is the reason this particular title caught my eye. You know what they say about judging books by their covers though – so let’s take a look beyond that striking werewolf and see what lurks within.

Terry is employed by the Lycan King to keep the existence of the world’s monsters a secret, but doing so isn’t always easy – particularly when innocent, normal people are targeted by the more loathsome members of the non-human community.

It’s a brief story but it is full of exposition and hints at a much larger world than we see. Despite its brevity, the tale even manages to pack in a surprising twist and a shockingly sudden scene of gore – what initially seems like a police procedural takes quite a different turn by the end of the story.

The black and white art – by Rowel Roque – is nicely done, with the werewolf design being particularly strong. The dialogue feels clunkily expository at a few points, but with such a small page count and a scene to be set, that’s perhaps understandable.

Writer Drew D. Lenhart does explain in the short article following the story that we may well see more of the character(s) in the future, which would be welcome – and, with the exposition out of the way, would hopefully mean a bigger look at the secret world of the monsters.

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