Available now on iOS & Android – Free (Ad supported) – By SharkEgg Games

There’s a lot of free games available on both Android and Apple devices, many of which are clones of more popular games or cheekily named to confuse the unwary and rake in ad revenue before being uninstalled. It’s a problem that makes discovering decent games a real issue – and one that puts many people off altogether.

Space Trash, thankfully, doesn’t fit into that category of exploitative, derivative software that we so often see. It’s a charming, quirky little game in which you defend the Earth from all manner of rubbish, debris and lots of weird alien creatures. You’re in charge of a shield that can’t protect the entire world at the same time, so you’ll move it in an attempt to stop the closest piece of junk from hitting Earth and chipping away at your energy bar. Not all incoming objects are malevolent, however – with some bestowing useful power ups if you let them through your defences. Lose all of your energy, however – and it’s game over.

Though it’s a simple premise that potentially feels open to repetition, the game has a certain charm with excellent presentation – including nicely designed advisors that’ll constantly be on hand to offer assistance and some great music throughout. It has a nice arcade feel with a nicely pitched increase in difficulty as you make your way through the stages and superb variety in the often quirky threats you’ll be trying to protect Earth from. A large number of achievements pop up as you play too, giving an excellent sense of progression and accomplishment as you play. When the Earth is lost and the Game Over screen appears, you’ll only be kicked back to the beginning of the current stage when you start again, giving the game a much more forgiving feel than is expected for retro-style, arcadey titles.

Screenshot Image

Additionally, it does have a genuinely heartfelt message about the importance of protecting our planet, which is commendable. I’m always impressed to see indie games make an effort to provide something new and it’s always great to see so much passion poured into a project. Ads aren’t too intrusive either, which is even more reason to check out SharkEgg’s excellent, free title.

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