Available now on: Oculus & Windows (Reviewed on Oculus Quest 2) – Price: £7.99 (Oculus) – Developed by: ILMxLAB

The second part of ILMxLAB’s canonical VR saga takes us further underground on Mustafa, with more insight into the history of what occurred on the planet to make it so barren and inhospitable – as well as a number of great action sequences and an encounter with an impressively huge creature…

To add to the lightsaber wielding of the first episode, Vader is also good enough to teach you some minor Force powers – for his own nefarious purposes of course. Though – as with the first Episode – the heavily scripted narrative won’t last long (you’ll likely breeze through it in around 45 minutes), it’s hard to argue with just how satisfyingly told, involving and entertaining the whole experience is. There are a number of impressive visual flourishes too – the painterly style of the Mustafarian flashbacks return, but a talking head made of many small, moving stones is another highlight – and that’s without mentioning the massive creature you face off against in the bowels of Mustafar. One moment in a darkened temple chamber was incredibly creepy too; there’s a lot packed into the brief length of the story and the included Lightsaber Dojo adds replay value as well.

It truly does feel as if you’re taking part in a significant Star Wars side story, with Vader being an intimidating – though never overused – presence throughout. The quality of the motion capture work and voice acting is incredibly high (not to mention the production values that allow such excellent representations of familiar – and not so familiar – elements of the Star Wars franchise, including a phenomenal soundtrack) and it’s clear that the project has been put together by a development and writing team who clearly understand both the technology available to them and the appeal of the Star Wars saga itself. Though it’s been surpassed by more technologically impressive titles in the few years since it released on the original Quest, as a narrative experience it still shines very brightly indeed. The second episode also ends on a thrilling cliffhanger – which will have you purchasing Episode III faster than a pod driven by a force-sensitive kid from Tatooine.

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