An amusingly ripped Hutt is Vader’s starting point in his hunt for Han Solo – who he’s now seeking (after having not long given him away!) as a way of finding his son, Luke Skywalker. Again.

The trouble is, it seems that half of the Star Wars Universe’s entire population is looking for Solo, with the currently incapacited smuggler having been stolen from Boba Fett – an event that kicked off the Marvel Comics crossover, War of the Bounty Hunters, which this issue of Darth Vader’s series is a part of. Vader’s search puts him on a collision course with droid Bounty Hunter IG-88, who’s been given some important information that might just give him an edge against Vader…

Though more closely tied into the events of the crossover than the last issue of Darth Vader, it still doesn’t feel particularly essential and readers are still being subject to the Crimson Dawn revelation hitting various characters, with the reveal still being treated as if it’s a big shock when it was something we discovered a number of issues ago. The final page is a baffling one for readers not au fait with recent comics continuity, however – and we could have done with some explanation or more preparation given earlier in this comic’s pages to give us a bit more insight into why the cliffhanger is such a big deal.

Not to be too negative, but I thought the cover art for this issue was particularly bad, which is unusual for the usually carefully-curated Star Wars comic line. Thankfully, the interior art is definitely a step above the cover’s not very indicative quality.

It’s a fairly inessential tie-in issue then – but it’s an enjoyable enough delve into the seedier side of the Star Wars Universe and it has the added bonus of being much more related to the War of the Bounty Hunters crossover’s events than the previous issue of Vader’s solo series.

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