Spoilers for the previous episodes of Loki are below – you have been warned!

We’re over the halfway mark in the series that’s tying up an Avengers: Endgame loose end in a suitably mischievous and very entertaining way. Loki’s uneasy truce with his time-and-space-hopping counterpart – Sylvie – having been strengthened following their compelling bonding session on a train. As an aside, I know I write about the chemistry between characters on Loki quite a bit, but I think it’s just the fact that Tom Hiddleston has great chemistry with everyone he ends up sharing long exchanges of dialogue with – Sophia Di Martino, who plays Sylvie, is no exception.

Loki and Sylvie’s failure to escape Lamentis-1 as it’s being destroyed around them – in a sequence cleverly constructed as a single shot – was last week’s cliffhanger, so the stakes as the fourth episode begins couldn’t be any higher.

Our focus on Loki and Sylvie getting to know each other last week meant that the TVA – and Agent Mobius, played with appealingly laid-back world-weariness by an excellent Owen Wilson (who also bounced off Hiddleston’s Loki beautifully in their scenes together) – were almost entirely absent. Thankfully, this week they return – and not only do they come back, but episode four brings them back in a big way, with a few peeks behind the curtain and some revelations hitting the Minutemen that reveals to them just how they, well…tick.

It’s another cracking episode, with some genuinely shocking moments and at least one surprising character cameo (with a casual mention of vampires existing being a cleverly off-hand bit of universe building). I’ve gone all this time without mentioning the incredible soundtrack by Natalie Holt, which provides a wonderfully diverse and musically adventurous accompaniment to the onscreen action – expertly throwing in pulsing, synth-led ambience and more classical-feeling strings wherever appropriate. Director Kate Herron deserves huge plaudits for bringing audiences such a visually and aurally unique atmosphere for Loki’s adventures; it’s quite remarkable that the MCU has been able to branch (pun intended) out in such interesting ways, post-Endgame, at a time when it felt as if there was perhaps nowhere for the cinematic universe to go.

Do stick around for a brief, jaw-dropping post-credits scene that will absolutely have the internet on fire once the world has caught up with this episode. Next Wednesday can’t come soon enough.

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