One of the biggest problems with the Star Wars prequels is that, in tying so many little incidental details and elements with the saga’s main characters, it ends up making the universe feel really small. Which is crazy, because the universe of the original films just seems so huge; sure, there are infamous characters who everyone hears about, but it’s not like everyone has a connection to absolutely anyone they meet.

The Doctor Aphra series – beyond her connection to Darth Vader – tends to take place away from the general icons and events of the main Star Wars Universe, her own adventures being dramatic enough that the Skywalkers and everyone in their intergalactic proximity don’t need to pop up.

So it’s a shame then, that War of the Bounty Hunters crosses over into Aphra’s comic, because there’s a lot of strong characters and exciting story here without the hunt for Boba Fett and his missing cargo being awkwardly shoehorned into the issue.

Though it’s less confusing to a casual reader than the last issue, the need to push Aphra into the mix really does feel quite forced. It’s a tricky tightrope for the writer to walk; last issue barely featured any crossover content and, as the wrapping up chapter of an ongoing story, was a little noob-unfriendly. This issue’s action packed story – with a neat little exposure of Aphra’s ruthless nature – was great as a standalone piece and didn’t feel like it needed the tacked on epilogue.

Still, War of the Bounty Hunters is a linewide crossover of course – it’s just a shame that it hasn’t really fulfilled its potential beyond the core miniseries that the ambitious saga is wrapped around.

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