Ex-security chief Gabriel Cruz gave his life to Weyland-Yutani. Even after retirement he’s been brought back by the company, in an attempt to recover a xenomorph sample from the lab facility he used to work at, as well as his own son – who’s involved in a terrorist attack on the company site. Yet Cruz’s relationship with the murderous Aliens and the company itself go far deeper than we previously realised…

Finally – after a strong start fizzled away over the last few issues – it feels as if the pace has picked up and the really interesting stuff is all coming to light in this issue. There’s some well handled revelations about Cruz’s past, some very nicely designed Xenomorph variants and even a twist that totally blindsided me as we head towards the sixth issue.

Issue five really does redeem the – until now – fairly uneventful, dull series, which has relied a bit too much on all too familiar franchise references. It’s starting to really feel like its own beast, which is definitely a good thing. The art still feels a bit stiff, which is my only real complaint – though the xenomorphs themselves look excellent.

For once, I’m actually looking forward to the next issue. Let’s see where we go from here – hopefully this issue’s return to form isn’t squandered.

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