Out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch (Switch version played)

Point and click adventures are a rarity these days, but a few decades ago they were everywhere. With some of the most beloved and fondly remembered adventures of all time being released in the 90s, the genre is long overdue some new blood.

Enter Lone McLonegan, a has been badass who can’t accept that he’s not the baddest outlaw in the Wild West any more. Setting out to reclaim his title from his nemesis, Bragg Badass (how’s that for nominative determinism?), McLonegan’s adventure takes him to some amusing, if not laugh-out-loud, places.

Control is straightforward, though interacting with characters, objects and scenery is a bit fiddly thanks to the need to select which action to carry out using just one button (and therefore cycling through each one, every time you want to interact). The script is witty and the situations McLonegan finds himself in are suitably absurd, however, recalling the quirkier, funnier LucasArts point and click titles of the 90s.

Unfortunately some of the puzzles can be somewhat obtuse, again recalling those classic LucasArts adventures – albeit for a less positive reason. It’s a little difficult to work out what you can or cannot interact with too, as the hand drawn style of the visuals doesn’t distinguish between interactive and non-interactive elements of any given scene.

That said, those visuals are genuinely beautiful. There’s a real charm to the game’s aesthetic, with the excellent audio also adding to this – giving the game a truly great Western ambience. If you have the patience to get through the slightly obtuse machinations of the game’s puzzles, you’re sure to have a blast with Lone McLonegan, which is genuinely witty and beautifully produced. Hopefully the game does well enough for a sequel and we’ll see Lone McLonegan return with some of the kinks ironed out in the process.

Many thanks to Flynn’s Arcade for providing me with a code for Lone McLonegan for review purposes. Note: it was completely accidental that this has turned out to be my third Western-themed review in a row, following Western Legends and The Sixth Gun Vol. 2.

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