So, if you haven’t read DC vs Vampires #1 or if you have no intention to, it’s probably best not to read any further, for fear of spoiling the ‘secret’, high-profile vampire at the centre of the action in this series so far.

Are they gone? Good. Then let’s get this review underway, shall we?

So, with Hal Jordan having shockingly revealed himself to be a vampire, getting rid of a Wonder Twin and taking out the one person who was set to reveal the big vampire conspiracy to the world, it looks like the DC universe is doomed. However, Andrew Bennett – the lover of the late vampire queen Mary, whose death signals the end of the unstable truce between the undead and humanity – had managed to deliver a warning to Alfred Pennyworth, who ensures it reaches Batman. Now, with Batman aware of the coming war, he gathers a team to begin preparing for defending humanity – while Hal takes it upon himself to tie up any loose ends that may lead back to him and reveal his vampiric nature.

The concept continues to be a pretty fun one, with some excellent takes on familiar characters – Batman’s paranoia is once again in full flow here, used very cleverly – and some great use of the vampiric Hal Jordan’s now-revealed true nature to really make him into an evil, manipulative bloodsucker.

Yet it’s still difficult to escape the feeling that the high profile, shocking casualties here – including Vampire Hal himself – are going to be retconned before long. Sure, it makes for an entertaining and twisty plot to see these big characters either revealed to be vampires or taken out by them, but there’s no way it’ll stick. Still, it’s all good, well written and drawn fun – plus, it’ll certainly be fun to see even more DC icons revealed as vampires over the coming months.

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