Be warned: the below review does contain spoilers for the previous two issues of DC vs Vampires (reviews here of #1 and #2). If you don’t want the shocking developments of the story so far ruined for you, go and check out those issues first. It’s worth it!

With Green Lantern Hal Jordan having offed The Flash in order to keep his true vampiric nature secret, the Justice League gathers to mourn the loss of their beloved teammate. Hal’s there to try and throw his colleagues off the scent, sending them off on wild goose chases to divert attention away from him. Batman’s having none of it though – his ‘trust no-one’ policy being well deployed as he makes some important discoveries, getting closer to the truth. Meanwhile, the Bat-family members out on patrol – having been vetted in last month’s issue by Batman to ensure they’re still human – have some interesting run-ins with other heroes and villains. Wonder Woman, as the cover reveals, also has quite the revealing encounter with another character herself.

This is probably the strongest issue of the series so far, a fast-paced and suspenseful thrill-ride where readers are being dragged along by the evil Hal Jordan’s duplicitous scheming, along with the intrigue and surprise reveals of more previously clandestine vampires.

It’s a lot of fun and the placing of the series outside normal continuity means that the concept can be taken to some surprising extremes, even if the fact that the developments won’t last outside of this series lessens the impact somewhat. The writing and art are spot on, with some excellent, blood red-dominated colouring alongside a few luridly bright panels that offer an excellent contrast, all giving the series a uniquely dark yet colourful look.

Just a quarter of the way through this 12-issue series, it’s already been incredibly eventful and there’s still a lot of ground to cover. Can the heroes retain their humanity and unmask the two-faced, vampiric Green Lantern who’s operating pretty much in plain sight? A compelling spanner has been thrown in the works by the last panel, perhaps sensing their investigation back a few steps and setting up a very intriguing issue 4. Excellent stuff.

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