Be warned: the below review does contain spoilers for the previous two issues of DC vs Vampires (reviews here of #1, #2 and #3). If you don’t want the shocking developments of the story so far ruined for you, go and check out those issues first. It’s worth it!

Constantine and Zatanna, two characters who find themselves in the supernatural corners of the DC universe, finally turn up amidst the undead carnage in DC vs Vampires. Is one or more of them a vampire though? And how will it be dealt with if they are discovered to be bloodsuckers? In a fairly surprising and pragmatic way, as you’ll see.

Meanwhile, Batman – having sent his team on vampire hunts – has to deal with the misplaced suspicions of Oliver Queen, while the Bat-Family uncover clues and have their own vampiric encounters.

Building on the strength of the third issue, which had more shocking reveals that are built upon here, DC vs Vampires has so far proven itself to be a fantastic event; though initially my concern that it was outside continuity would mean that it’d feel somewhat inconsequential as the tale progressed, it’s actually freed writers Matthew Rosenberg and James Tynion IV from the shackles of having to worry about things as important as lasting consequences – and just have an absolute blast with the concept of vampires having clandestinely infected many major DC super heroes.

The way that the paranoia and sudden reveals of vampirism play out makes it feel not too dissimilar to Marvel’s Secret Invasion, which of course awkwardly took place in-continuity, rendering so many previous stories moot or making them feel illogical. Here, the story feels much more satisfying without continuity to hold it back – or make the reader shake their head at having to believe that their favourite heroes have been vampires all along.

And boy, does it deliver with the cliffhanger here – with so many heroes gathering and so few whose true natures have been revealed, it looks like issue five is going to hit the ground running and blow the minds of readers everywhere. DC vs Vampires is a mix of superheroics, mystery, tension and horror that works beautifully.

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